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Friday, October 23, 2015

A Fix for Female Diseases

Scammers, con artists, and quacks never perish; they only find new victims to prey upon and new cloaks of deception. Beware that which is too good to be true.
New England Farmer
Boston, Mass.
Saturday, June 12, 1896
Woman to Woman.
Women are being taught by bitter experience that many physicians cannot successfully handle their peculiar ailments known as female diseases.
Doctors are willing and anxious to help them, but they are the wrong sex to work understandingly.
When the woman of to-day experiences such symptoms as backache, nervousness, lassitude, whites, irregularity or painful menstruation, pain groins, bearing-down sensation, palpitation, “all gone” feeling and blues, she at once takes Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound, feeling sure of obtaining immediate relief.
Should her symptoms be new to her, she writes to a woman, Mrs. Pinkham, Lynn, Mass., who promptly explains her case, and tells her free how to get well.
Indeed, so many women are now appealing to Mrs. Pinkham for advice, that a score of lady secretaries are kept constantly at work answering the great volume of correspondence which comes in every day. Each letter is answered carefully and accurately, as Mrs. Pinkham fully realizes that a life may depend upon her reply, and into many and many a home has she shed the rays of happiness.
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