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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Coal Creek, Colorado in 1901

Coal Creek

The town of Coal Creek is situated in the county of Fremont, thirty-five miles west of Pueblo, and has long figured in the history of Colorado. It is one of the oldest mining towns in the state, and today it is one of the foremost in the production of coal. The population numbers 650 prosperous and contented people. There are two churches and one school. A manufactory for the making of macaroni is doing a thriving business and is at present unable to supply the demand. The town has its water supply from the mountains, which is a guarantee as to its purity; it has its organized fire department, livery stables that are up to date and two stores that furnish the necessities of life to the citizens, as well as hardware stores and a novelty shop. Although Coal Creek is not a temperance town, yet the general atmosphere in the town would be a credit to some of the so-called temperance towns of this state. The people are of the kind that can be counted the friends of the state and nation in time of trouble. The town did indeed have its period of depression that was prevalent over the entire state, but it is now enjoying the greatest prosperity.

Camp and Plant
Vol 1 No 2 December 20 1901

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