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Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Business of Woman

The Business of Woman.

The business woman must take time to keep well. If social pleasures encroach on her resting time, she must give them up. On the other hand, her anxiety to keep up with the fashions or to keep up to date in other matters ought not to induce her to make twins of herself. It is much better to do one woman’s work well than to make a failure in two lines. Only in exceedingly rare instances can a woman be at the same time a successful business woman and her own dressmaker, milliner and housekeeper. Business women ought to take a few leaves from the experience of men, who have been longer in business and therefore know more about it. They take innumerable little recreations, and do not attempt to crowd all of life into one day. They get more pay, largely because they have a higher standard of comfort. – Lippincott’s.
New England Farmer
Boston, Mass.
Saturday, June 12, 1896

Cartoon commentary on women entering the offices of Milwaukee Journal, 1895.
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