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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

1955 Colorado Parochial State Championship Football Game

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

In 1955, Pueblo Catholic High School hosted the Parochial State Championship football game against Denver's Regis High School. Pueblo, Colorado has always had a large Catholic population, in large part due to the large Italian and Hispanic populations.

Programs for such events were quite elaborate and illustrate one of the main advertising markets for local businesses before television commercials became the norm.

The program cost 25 cents, compared to:

Cost of a gallon of gas:            23 cents
Black and white TV:                $99.95
Average price of a new car:     $1,900
Average rent:                         $87
Minimum wage:                       $1
Average annual income:           $4,130

Also in 1955, Rosa Parks was arrested, Ray Kroc founded McDonald's, James Dean was killed in a car accident, and "The Mickey Mouse Club" debuted on the ABC network.

Pueblo Catholic High School vs. Regis - Parochial State Championship - Pueblo Public School Stadium - December 4, 1955

Pueblo Catholic High School Football Team Photo
First Row: Head Coach Jack Parsons, Joe Trujillo, Lew Carricato, Sam Chigro, Dave Socier, Charles Gettler, Dale Bensko, Lane Faricy, Charles Greco
Second Row: Dennis Cesar, Stanley Mena, John Williams, Joe Papish, Steve Bravdica, Robert Valentine, Anthony Horvat, Bob Cardinal
Third Row: Ass't. Coach Frank Flood, Jack Drury, Al Bresson, Louis Pulco, Ted Vidmar, Edward Spelich, James Siegle
Fourth Row: James Drury, John Lane, Dan Maroney, Ray DeLuca, James Spinuzzi, Manuel Ortega

Message from Monsignor Elwood C. Voss, Superintendent of Pueblo Catholic High School - Advertisements for Mauro Insurance Agency, Minnequa Inn, The Summit Pressed Brick and Tile Company, and Royal Crown Cola

Photo of Rev. James Eatough, S. J., Principal of Regis High School - Advertisements for Joe Anzick's Restaurant & Lounge and Frozen Food Center and Appliances, and Ollie Samples Used Cars

Advertisements for White Horse Inn, Dincler's Fabrics, Christen Auto Supply, Newton's, Furr Food Stores, Alamo Drug Co., and Joe Mulay's Gold Rail Tavern and Café

Photos from my collection

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