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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

War Necessitates Change

Tower Tribune
Fordson High School, Dearborn, Michigan, June 11, 1943
Ten weeks passed after you got your second report card at the High school and then you came back as an eleventh grader. You were a “Junior” and proud of the title. But something happened during that semester that changed you, the school, and your future. You came to school on December 8th, 1941, and heard the war talk. Boys were going into the air corps; they knew how to get in and they’d be fightin’ “those dirty Japs” in less than six months.
War was officially declared, the talk calmed down, and most of the boys stayed in school… For a while at least.
That semester slowly reached its end and you got into the 11-A.
Halfway through Fordson, halfway left to go. It was an uneventful year.
Ten more weeks of vacation and back again—this time as a senior.
You walked up to the senior fountain and took your first legal drink. Twenty weeks of waiting followed and finally you reached the 12-A. Now almost all of this semester is gone and you set to turn another page in your life.
What’s ahead? You, as a high school graduate, are stepping into a world that’s more unsettled than ever before.
Some boys will enter the armed forces soon—they’re about the only ones who are settled.
We’re all going in different directions from Fordson High after next week…. In less than a year the same boys and girls who walk up on the platform with you for their diplomas next week will be scattered to the four corners of this round world.
Whatever you do, wherever you go, keep the thought in mind of making the most of every opportunity that presents itself and when you have a job ahead of you do it so that someday the friends that you never will meet again will be able to open their yearbooks and say, “That person’s a member of the June, 1943 class of the Fordson High School, that’s my class.”
That’s for the past and future but the coming week is yours. Today, “Skip Day”, is yours and next week is your week for parading around school with the cap and gown on. Make the most of this week…
Where did they end up?

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