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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

First Settlement of Ohio

From the Hartford Watchman – June 6, 1838

First Settlement of Ohio

It was fifty years on the 7th of April last, as recently stated by one of the party, since 64 persons landed at the junction of the Ohio and Muskingum rivers; under the command of Gen. Rufus Putnam, and commenced the settlement of the State of Ohio, in the presence of nearly three hundred Indians who had assembled on the opposite side of the Muskingum. The landing took place at 10 o’clock of a bright and beautiful spring morning, Says a Western paper—

What a change have these fifty years produced in Ohio; its dark forests have been swept away before the axe of the settler; farms, towns and cities now occupy the site of the wigwam; the steamboat has taken the place of the canoe; and a population of a million and upwards exists on the same territory that supplied but a scanty subsistence to a few hundreds of roving savages. Such a rapid and entire change is without a precedent in the history of the world.

Dark forests swept away....(later photo, unknown date/location)

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